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由2021年4月2日, 本堂將局部恢復實體聚會,同時亦設網上直播

由2021年月4月2日開始, 本堂將局部恢復實體聚會,同時亦設網上直播。但為控制人流,避免超出限聚規定,部份聚會須網上預先報名。 From April 2 onwards, our on-site church meetings will be partially resumed with online live-streaming. In order to control attendance, some gatherings will require pre-registration.

我們是About Us

我們是位於是大埔(香港新界東)的神召會教會!是一個多文化、友善、青年及家庭主導的國際教會。我們會址設有停車場,歡迎赴會。(車位有限) We are an Assembly of God church in Tai Po area, East of New Territories of Hong Kong! We are multi-cultural, friendly, youth and family oriented international community. Free parking is available at church premises (space are limited).